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Graduate Student Applicant

Applicant Criteria

All applications require a resume, personal statement, official transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Personal statements should explain your motivation for graduate study. PhD and research-oriented MS applicants should also discuss areas of research and potential faculty advisors they are interested in working with. 

GRE exam is not required for PhD, MS, ME, or BS/Master's applicants. The admissions committee may recommend submitting a GRE score if they feel it would strengthen the application.

  • Admission to the graduate program depends on performance in undergraduate studies, GRE scores, recommendations, and evidence of research potential. Below we provide some guidelines to help you decide if you wish to apply.

    We emphasize that the following numbers are only guidelines for admission to the graduate program.

    • BS GPA (minimum): 3.0/4.0 for engineers (In India, first class, In Iran, 16/20); 3.2/4.0 for others
    • MS GPA (minimum): 3.5/4.0 for Ph.D. applicants
    • GRE scores strongly recommended (average): Verbal 159; Quantitative 159; Analytical Writing 3.5
    • TOEFL for International students (minimum): 557/220/writing 22, speaking 23, reading 21, listening 17. Also we accept IELTS and the minimum score is band 7.

    Below is a list of the required prerequisite undergraduate courses.

    • Four semesters of calculus
    • A basic course in Linear Optimization – could be a course in Operations Research (equivalent to Rutgers ISE course 540:311 or math course 640:453 or 711:453)
    • Probability - calculus based (equivalent to Rutgers ISE course 540:210)
    • Engineering Economics (equivalent to Rutgers ISE course 540:343)

    If you are missing one or more of the prerequisite courses you may be admitted to the graduate program conditionally; that is, you are accepted with the requirement that you take the prerequisites within the first year and pass them. Part-time students are given additional time.

    If you have not taken the calculus-based course in probability you must take 960:580 (or 960:582) and you will receive credit. However, MS students in the Manufacturing Systems option will be permitted to take 960:379 for credit. If you have not taken Deterministic Methods or Operations Research, you may take Planning and Operations Eng. 540:501 for credit.

    If you have not taken Engineering Economics, you could either take 540:343 Engineering Economics for NO credit or take Adv. Eng. Econ. 540:575 for credit.

    If you have not taken Probability Models, you can take Probability Models in OR 540:338 for NO credit. Sometimes it is difficult for the admissions committee to judge the content of a course from its title on the transcript.

    If you believe you have studied material in a course that is an admission condition, discuss it with the Graduate Director. Prepare yourself with a catalog description or course outline to show that you have already studied the required material.

  • Admission Criteria and Process

    • BS/BA degree with GPA 3.0 or above
    • GRE is NOT required
    • Application essay is NOT required
    • Application fee is waived
    • Transcript: Submit an original transcript with these three pages (or order one from ASB to be mailed to the ISE secretary.
    • No letters of recommendation
    • Application: complete the first 3 page of the Graduate School application (, print it, and bring it to the secretary (Laura Kasica) in the office of the ISE.  
  • Admission Requirements 

    Below we provide some general guidelines for admission to M. Eng. in ISE.

    • BS GPA (minimum): 3.0/4.0 (In India, first class)
    • GRE scores (average): Verbal 159; Quantitative 159; Analytical Writing 3.5
    • TOEFL for International students (minimum): 557/220/writing 22, speaking 23, reading 21,  listening 17.  Also we accept IELTS and the minimum score is band 7.
    • Four semesters of calculus